Debrief Tagging Exercise

May 23rd


1. Ground Rules, and Protocols

-Today is more about your learning, not expert presentation
-Will share any appropriate how-to related to, but there isn't any one right way to do a tagging community

-Chat Protocol:
I will use the notepad or chat as an electronic flip chart to take bullet point notes

-Phone Protocol:
As each person enters, I will assign you a number of the clock. Remember that number because we may go "round the clock" at particular points to get everyone to speak.

2. Just three words

How are we feeling about tagging? Just three words. Go round the clock.

3. Discussion Questions

  • Did you find tagging exercise useful? Why or why not?
  • Did anything frustrate you?
  • What surprised you in a positive way?
  • How will you integrate the use of tagging into your practice? Chat Brainstorm for 5 minutes

4. Summary

  • What did you learn in the last hour or so about tagging that you didn't know before?
  • What is the next single step that you will take in the next day to begin to adopt tagging?
  • Just three words