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Beth's Blog Screencast on Tagging

Getting Started With by Liz Davis

Using in the Classroom by Lburch Try It! by Sage Lewis

How to Annotate Bookmarks in by Leigh Blackall

Jon Udell's Screencast on Pivot Browsing in


Joshua Schacter, Founder of, The Future of Tagging

Joshua Schacter, Founder of, How Organizes Video Content

Social Tagging at Harvard Part 1 and Part 2 from the Berkman Center - Live blogging notes from David Weinberger here

Shelly Farnham "Why Social Tagging Really Matters"


Tagging in an Academic Setting by Jason Flemming

Tag You're It by Thomas VanderWal

Tagging in Your Web 2.0 World by Thomas VanderWal

Tagging that Works by Thomas VanderWal from Web2.0 Expo (here's an mp3 file of his talk)

Folksomonies by Domenico



Andy Carvin's Tag! You're Primer
Educause 7 Things You Should Know About Social Bookmarking
Teaching Hacks What is Social Bookmarking


CogdogBlog: Let's Play Tag
Tim Davis Delicious How To Getting Started Guide
QuickOnline Tips - Delicious
Social Bookmarking Tool Comparison
TechSoup: Thirteen Tips for Effective Tagging
Top Ten Ways to Use
Delicious Tools from Mashable

Tagging, Folksonomies, and Taxonomies

Tagging: Picking Up Where Search Leaves Off
Why Tagging Matters - Pew Internet and American Life Project
Tagging and Taxonomies by David Weinberger
Tagging gives the Web a Human Meaning by Daniel Terdiman

Pivot Browsing by ACM Queue
Cognitive Process of Tagging by Rashimi Sinha
A Social Analysis of Tagging by Rashimi Sinha
Pivot Browsing by Rashimi Sinha

Clay Shirky Ontology is Overrated
Collabulary, Not Folksonomy

Tagging Communities in Practice in Nonprofits: Case Studies

NpTech Tagging Community
Sharing Web Resources With Delicious
Tagging in Community of Practice
Six Tips for Community Tagging Projects - Interview with Steve Cliff
Netsquared Conference: I Tag The Hand That Feeds Me
Values in Networks - analyzing delicious networks
The Lurker to Tagger Ratio in Tagging Communities