Tagging for Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing

Tagging (key words to describe web resources) and the use of social bookmarking services like del.icio.us can provide relatively easy ways for Extension professionals to collaborate and easily share information with colleagues and co-workers. This two-part webinar will explain what tagging is, why it is useful for individuals as well as for group collaboration, and demystify social bookmarking software. The May 9th session will also explain the pros and cons of using tagging and social bookmarking. The group will participate a hands-on action learning activityusing a popular social bookmarking application, del.icio.us, to put some of the ideas in practice immediately after the first session on May 9th.

Then, on May 23rd, the group will come together for a facilitated conversation to reflect on what was learned about tagging and how they might integrate the use of tagging and social bookmarking into their existing practice.