NpTech Field Trip 2008

NpTech Field Trip


Primer: Tagging? What's Tagging? What's Social Bookmarking? Completely new to tagging? This 15 minute introductory screencast will explain the basics of tagging and getting started.

Introduction to the NpTech Tagging community.
The NpTech Tagging Community by Beth Kanter and Marnie Webb, NTEN Newsletter

You don't have to read everything below - just take a look if you want to glance at the community plumbing

Community Plumbing

Raw Sources
Here's the NpTech Tag Meta Feed (everything tagged by NpTech community in many different places). Sources have since expanded to gathering conversations on Twitter, Facebook, and NpTech bloggers - but not automated. It doesn't look like much.

Here's the public version of my NpTech Bloglinesreader where I read.

Summaries are created each week. You can see these here.

OPTIONAL READINGS ... A detailed NpTech Community History

If you don't see the slide show below - go to this link in Flickr

Optional Deeper Dive into History of NpTech Tag Community
This is an in-depth historical record. Click through the photos in flickr which will take you the links explaining the slide. If you have questions or thoughts, leave a comment on Flickr.

Optional Deep Dive Into Tagging
[[|NpTag Wikispaces]]: This is a wiki I put together for an online seminar about tagging for collaboration and knowledge sharing. It has a lot of links, resources, and a training exercise.

Beth's Cheat Sheet Notes for Call